Freight operators call for UK-wide compliance standards for fleets

More than 85% of truck operators believe there should be a UK-wide compliance standard for fleets to improve safety, according to a new survey by Freight in the City.

Currently, there are no national guidelines, meaning that standards differ across regions.

In London, TfL’s Safer Lorry Scheme requires all vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes be fitted with Class V and Class VI mirrors giving the driver a better view of cyclists and pedestrians. Vehicles must also incorporate side guards to protect cyclists from being dragged under the wheels in the event of a collision.

Yet operators working in other major cities are not required to incorporate the same features.

DHL Supply Chain’s MD of strategy, innovation and development, Phil Roe, said he believes consistency is key for the logistics industry.

He said: “A unified industry scheme for standards of operation would create simplicity and clarity for authorities, manufacturers and transport companies alike. It will cut down on red tape and ensure safety is consistent across the country.”

“Our industry is great at working towards defined goals but operators will be nervous about taking action without commonly-agreed guidelines being put in place. Ultimately, a more unified national approach to compliance is essential if we’re to have safer, cleaner and quieter urban logistics.”

A universal compliance standard will be among topics discussed at Freight in the City’s Spring Summit, to be held at Manchester Central on March 3 2016.

The Summit follows the inaugural Freight in the City Expo held in London last month. It is a free-to-attend conference where an audience of 200 industry professionals will discuss and debate policy, strategy and organisational issues surrounding sustainable urban deliveries. For more information visit