Bradshaw Electric Vehicles launches N1 homologated electric vehicle range

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles has launched a range of fully N1 homologated electric road vehicles, which it said are ideal for inner city operations.

The range offers 10 standard options, including van body vehicles for last-mile deliveries, high tip or cage body options for the waste industry, and a shuttle bus.

With a maximum road speed of 25mph, an operational range of up to 50 miles and a payload up to 900kg, the manufacturer said the range would suit multiple inner city applications.

Under test conditions for N1 homologation, the vehicle achieved 73 miles.

Bradshaw said each model has a safe and comfortable cabin with ABS thermoformed shell and excellent visibility.

Pick-up confbrashawN1homog2igurations are available in long and short wheelbase and all models can be left- or right-hand drive.

All test data was achieved with sealed maintenance-free batteries and combined on-board charger, which the company said eliminates the need for battery topping up and ensures no gas emissions during recharge.

Where extended run time is required, the complete pick-up range can be supplied with a battery change system to achieve 24-hour run time.

Simon Clipsham, general manager at Bradshaw, said: “We believe it to be the only N1 homologated, commercially viable vehicle of its type, to meet the challenges set by the modern city centre. Primary markets include the increasing requirement for noise reduction within the waste industry and the growing demand for last-mile delivery.‚ÄĚ