EU project BESTFACT launches city logistics best-practice handbook

EU project BESTFACT has published a report covering its four-year study on sustainable city logistics.

The report, available to download for free, features 157 strategies and activities that promote efficient urban logistics in cities across Europe, including an analysis of 60 best-practice examples.

These include a study of Gnewt Cargo’s low-emission last-mile deliveries in London; a zero-emission beer boat and the Cargohopper electric-powered road train in Utrecht, Netherlands; and multi-use lanes for freight distribution in Balboa, Spain.

BESTFACT’s aim of researching best practice examples from European cities of different sizes was to help reduce negative environmental impact, improve transport efficiency and present the positive results of such measures.

The project said it was important that the best practice principles could be applied to other cities.

“Of course, there is no standard formula that is valid for all scenarios. A city or an enterprise must decide what concept best fits their particular needs,” says Marcel Huschebeck, project coordinator at PTV Group. “However, we could provide a basis for innovation and its implementation.”