Garia launches electric-powered utility truck for city use

Danish golf cart manufacturer Garia has launched a new electric-powered utility truck for last-mile deliveries and urban operations.

Distributed by ePower Trucks, the road-legal Garia Utility City is a compact 1.31m wide and 3.23m long, with a turning radius of just 3.25m.

The flatbed has a payload of up to 740kg, with other body options including mesh cage, drop sides, tipper, and a fully enclosed van with rear and side doors.

Garia claims it is the first electric utility truck manufacturer to offer a Lithium-Ion battery pack as an option, replacing the standard 8x 6V lead acid pack. It said this reduces vehicle GVW, recharge time and battery maintenance, while increasing range between charges.

The vehicle has a top speed of 45kph (28mph) and a range of up to 75km (45miles) on a single charge.

Jerry Hanss, MD of ePower Trucks, said: “The Garia utility truck is a great vehicle that is ideal for last-mile deliveries and urban operations. The option of a Lithium-Ion battery is an industry first for this type of utility truck, further enhancing its appeal.”

Based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, ePower Trucks is a an electric vehicle distributor of models used in a range of last-mile urban delivery and estates management activities.