London Lorry Control Scheme review will start this month

A review into the future of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) will start later this month although it will not be completed until next summer.

London Councils said a steering group, made up of representatives from the London boroughs, TfL and the Greater London Authority (GLA), will meet on 24 October to discuss the review’s scope and agree who will sit on the working group.

It is expected that the FTA and RHA and the Noise Abatement Society will be on the working group.

A wholesale review of the LLCS has never been undertaken before and is intended to analyse enforcement, compliance, hours of operation and exemptions to the controversial scheme.

A London Councils spokeswoman said: “A steering group has been established to lead a review of the LLCS and the first meeting will take place on Monday October 24.

“Members of the steering group include representatives from London boroughs, TfL and the GLA.

“The steering group will help determine the scope of the LLCS review and also establish a working group to engage stakeholders affected by the scheme, providing an opportunity for participation.”

She added: “The LLCS review aims to present its findings to London Councils’ transport and environment committee in summer 2017, subject to completion of the review.”

Natalie Chapman, FTA head of policy for London and the south east, said the scheme needed to be “radically reviewed”.

She added: “The difficulty is the scheme has a lot of very local political support. One of the complications is how they get changes to the scheme, but keep local residents happy. It doesn’t give residents the protection they think they have got.”