Teletrac Navman to show latest range of CO2 reduction software at Freight in the City Expo

Teletrac Navman will be at Freight in the City Expo next month to demonstrate how its analytical software can help urban fleets drive down emissions and improve driver behaviour.

Reducing carbon emissions from trucks and vans is a top priority for urban operators, the firm said, with tender documents increasingly requiring firms to have a CO2 policy when bidding for contracts.

It has therefore designed a range of systems to help operators address their fleets’ carbon impact.

Teletrac Navman software can produce regular reports on the CO2 emissions from each fleet vehicle; monitor and help reduce vehicle idling; ensure drivers take the shortest and most effective routes; and provide traffic alerts to allow drivers to avoid congestion hotspots.

“We’ll also be demonstrating how Teletrac Navman’s safety analytics software can provide operators with a range of driver behaviour solutions,” says John Merrill, European business development manager at the firm.

“Integrated camera solutions help to improve driver behaviour, and as front, side and internal monitoring cameras are becoming mandatory in various transport sectors within London, our products can help operators remain compliant whilst mitigating accidents with other road users such as cyclists,” he added.

Teletrac Navman also designs a range of compliance tools for fleet managers to ensure daily check and maintenance schedules are implemented, while its software platform Director enables drivers to receive urgent job details and messages without needing to use their mobile phones.

“Freight in the City represents an excellent platform for Teletrac Navman to engage with potential customers and explain how our range of fleet management solutions can help freight city operators,” said Merrill.