Suggested changes to highway code “ill-considered”, say hauliers

cycling in London

Calls for a universal rule ensuring drivers give way when turning at junctions have been branded unrealistic and “ill-considered” by hauliers.

Backed by former Olympian Chris Boardman, British Cycling and the AA said the Highway Code needed amending because the rules about junctions are not sufficiently clear.

They called for the code to be altered so that drivers are obliged to give way when turning towards people who are continuing straight ahead.

Boardman said the proposals would eliminate confusion and offer cyclists and pedestrians greater protection.

But Jacqueline O’Donovan, MD at O’Donovan Waste Disposal, said: “This seems like a backward step to me.

“Our industry, manufacturers and TfL have worked tirelessly over the last six years, investing in training and innovation to keep cyclists and pedestrians safer, which is evident from the reduction in collisions we are now seeing.

“Placing responsibility solely on the driver completely contradicts the message of collaboration and mutual education we have worked so hard to promote. Road safety will only improve when both parties learn to work together.”

The RHA said road safety is crucial to all road user groups and they must all be consulted when establishing road safety plans.

It added that the problem lay with a lack of compliance and enforcement.