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Freight in the City is a new initiative from DVV Media International Ltd, the organiser of Quiet Cities and publisher of Commercial Motor, Motor Transport, Truck & Driver, and Van Advisor.

The two-day Quiet Cities Global Summit took place in London in 2014, attracting more than 200 delegates from local authorities, retailers, logistics companies, academic institutions and government agencies. Quiet Cities focused on the growing requirement for deliveries to be made outside of the day-time peak and how stakeholders can work together to enable more out-of-hours deliveries to take place.

It was clear from the conversations that took place at Quiet Cities that the issue of retiming deliveries cannot be looked at in isolation from other urban delivery challenges. As urbanisation continues apace, how we ensure our towns and cities are provided with goods and services in a timely fashion, but also in the most efficient and sustainable way to protect the environment and respect the local residents, is paramount.

Delivering quietly plays an important part in enabling deliveries to be retimed, which has the benefit of reducing air pollution, improving congestion and lowering the risk of incidents between cyclists and trucks. So the output from Quiet Cities remains relevant, but Freight in the City provides a bigger platform to discuss the entire urban freight delivery piece.

Freight in the City has been created to provide a central resource and platform for anyone involved in helping to make freight transportation as clean, safe and quiet as possible. Be it from a local authority point of view, a retailer or a logistics company, ensuring goods and services can be delivered in a way that has the lowest possible impact on the environment is of ever growing importance. Promoting sustainable urban deliveries is the core focus of Freight in the City.

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