Dr Callum Mole

Dr Richard Wilkie

Dr Callum Mole

Research fellow
University of Leeds

Dr Callum Mole has five years research experience in human perceptual-motor control. He initially worked as a Research Assistant on a summer studentship (‘Visual Field Loss and Driving’), then was awarded the BPS (best student) and Gwynne Jones (best dissertation) Prizes for his undergraduate degree, leading to a PhD (Emma & Leslie Reid Scholarship; 2012-2015) studying how humans use sensory information to control voluntary movement through environments. Throughout his PhD Mole has performed world-class research, delivered numerous international presentations, and published in leading academic journals. In a recent project commissioned by TfL he developed virtual environments to examine vision and driver safety. Mole has excellent technical expertise, including: experimental design, software development for virtual reality, use of eye and head tracking methods, data processing and analysis, and computational modelling.

Callum’s sessions

One Vision

We hear about the latest research to better understand the role of eye contact and direct vision (through windows) over indirect vision (through mirrors and VDUs) in improving road safety and reducing HGV collisions with vulnerable road users. This session will also bring you up to date with TfL’s Safer Trucks programme.

Session 3: Urban Compliance
Time: 13.10-13.25