Andy Salter

Andy Salter

Andy Salter

Managing Director, Road Transport Media

Andy Salter has spent a lifetime in road transport and has a vast experience of all aspects of the industry, from the doing (he started his working life as a truck driver) to the writing (a former editor of Commercial Motor). More latterly he has been focused on the strategic side of the industry as managing director of Road Transport Media, the organisers of Freight in the City and owners of the leading UK media brands in the road freight sector – Motor Transport, Commercial Motor and Truck & Driver.

Andy is the project director on the Future Truck Design Awards which is being launched at Freight in the City. This new award is for students at schools, colleges and universities and is seeking innovative ideas for the safe urban truck of the future. The closing date for award entries and the winners will be announced at the CV Show in April next year.

Andy’s sessions

Truck safety advancement

This session will explore steps being taken by manufacturers and operators to make commercial vehicles safer and the need for well-designed city streets to prevent conflict between different modes of transport…

Stream: ‘Safe’
Time: 10:30-11:15