Christopher Snelling

Christopher Snelling

Christopher Snelling

FTA Head of National & Regional Policy and Public Affairs

Christopher Snelling is FTA’s Head of National & Regional Policy and Public Affairs. He is responsible for environmental issues, roads policy and local and urban issues across the UK, and leads on contacts with MPs and other elected officials. Over the last nine years he has worked in FTA policy team as the lead on urban logistics, rail freight and international policy issues.

Christopher holds a degree in Politics and Contemporary History from Salford University. He worked in the House of Commons before being a public affairs consultant where he worked with a range of transport-related organisations cover areas such as aviation, rail, buses and cars as well as freight.

Christopher’s sessions

Rethinking traditional deliveries

A surge in e-commerce, demand for more just-in-time deliveries to food stores, and increased congestion from new developments and infrastructure upgrades will see logistics firms needing to rethink traditional delivery patterns…

Stream: ‘Quiet & Efficient’
Time: 12:30-13:15