Kevin Huskie

Kevin Huskie

Kevin Huskie

Sales Director
Geodis UK

Kevin Huskie first entered the distribution and logistics industry some 15 years ago on leaving Edinburgh University in 2001, during which time he has built up a wealth of knowledge of the marketplace.

He has an inherent understanding of the needs of the market and his customer centric approach has seen him quickly rise through the ranks.

His career with Geodis began in 2010 as Business Development Manager and since then Kevin has held various roles before being appointed to his current position of Sales Director in July 2016.

Throughout his career Kevin has demonstrated a keen ability to identify and cultivate new markets, introduce systems and process to ensure service levels are maintained as well as develop innovative solutions to meet customer requirements.

Kevin’s sessions

Retiming and quiet deliveries

Supply chain operator Geodis UK is targeting Scotland’s fashion retail market with the launch of an out-of-hours delivery service, following a successful roll out of the service in France.

Session 4: Night-time deliveries
Time: 14.50-15.00