Quiet Cities 2014: who exhibited

Brigade Electronics

BrigadeBrigade Electronics has been pioneering the cause of reversing safety since 1976, when we introduced the very first reversing alarm to Europe. We continue to lead the way in vehicle and plant safety, having extended our range to include all-round visibility, pioneering many products and developing and patenting new technology.

bbs-tek® white sound® alarms are a revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance. Already fitted across a range of industries from mobile plant machinery to airport luggage buggies, bbs-tek® is fast becoming the reversing alarm of choice. In fact, in New York City it is the only alarm permitted on construction vehicles.

bbs-tek® alarms are certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery’s and are also approved by the Noise Abatement Society.

Brigade, Driving Global Safety.

Carrier Transicold

Carrier TransicoldCarrier Transicold offers an extensive range of transport refrigeration systems which are PIEK-compliant, meaning they are designed to help eco-responsible transport professionals meet the rigors of doing business in urban areas.

Being PIEK-compliant means these units reduce the noise they generate to the same level as normal conversation, allowing fleets to make deliveries in urban areas whilst local residents sleep soundly.

This brings multiple benefits for both the fleet operator and the local community. Night-time deliveries mean trucks spend less time out on the road, leading to reduced daytime congestion, fewer road accidents, lower vehicle emissions and improved fuel consumption.

Carrier Transicold has twice been recognised by the Noise Abatement Society for its PIEK-compliant transport refrigeration units, winning John Connell Awards in 2007 and 2011.

For more information on Carrier Transicold’s City line range, visit www.carriercityline.com


Centadrive® – Faster, Safer, more secure deliveriesCentadrive

Centadrive® – a remote controlled system designed to solve key problems inherent in the shutter door, typically found on multi-drop commercial vehicles working within inner city urban delivery cycles.

Centadrive® addresses key industry issues concerning the typical multi-drop delivery vehicle working within the inner city/urban delivery cycle and can provide the fleet manager with an efficient, safer and economical means

to improve both fuel and operational efficiency, leading to cost savings, increased profitability and reduced environmental impact:

• Improved delivery cycles
• Improved payload potential
• Improved security
• Allows out-of-hours deliveries
• Addresses key Health & Safety issues
• Easy to use – with Integrated safety features
• Easy installation – new build or retrofit upgrades
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Environmentally friendly

Call 01922 471000 – to discuss intelligent shutter safety!

Centadrive® is a trademark registered to Albert Jagger Limited
Centaur Works, Green Lane, Walsall,
West Midlands. WS2 8HG.
t: +44 (0) 1922 471000
e: sales@centadrive.co.uk
w: www.centadrive.co.uk

DAF Trucks Limited

DafDAF are exhibiting the CF Silent at the Quiet Cities conference.

The CF Silent was developed specifically for urban distribution during the evenings and at night. When the CF Silent is set to its special ‘Silent mode’, the noise level is no more than 72 dB(A), which means that the CF complies with the conditions for certification as a Quiet Truck and enables goods to be loaded and unloaded in areas where evening, night-time or early morning noise restrictions apply.

There is a special ‘Silent’ button on the dashboard. If it is pressed, the engine software switches to a programme that limits the torque and engine speed. Gears are changed at a lower engine speed. The encapsulation of the gearbox also contributes to the noise reduction.

The CF Silent offers a really practical low noise transport solution to enable night time deliveries and the Quiet Cities conference is an ideal opportunity to showcase it benefits. The use of the CF Silent at night time brings benefits to operators and society in general. Allowing trucks to go about their business during the night time reduces day time congestion and allows improved transport planning and efficiencies, both on the road and at the delivery destination.


GoodyearGoodyear is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, supplying many of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers including DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo.

Through working in partnership with these leading vehicle manufacturers, Goodyear is able to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry.

The KMax and FuelMax tyres were launched in September 2012 to help fleets base their tyre choice on performance rather than tyre application, supporting them to make an easier, business-orientated choice. Both the KMax and FuelMax were developed to provide fleets with improved mileage performance and better fuel efficiency without compromising on any other important areas like noise and traction.

To find out more about the innovative KMax and FuelMax, visit our website: http://www.goodyear.eu/uk_en/tires/truck/index.jsp or why not keep up to date with our latest news and follow us at @TruckForce_UK.

IMS Limited

IMSIMS Limited are distributors to the commercial vehicle industry, committed to finding solutions to changing demands, logistically and legislatively.

To maximise urban deliveries IMS offer the Intelligent Steering System from VSE, this type of steering system is fully configurable enabling you to replace rigid prime movers and small so called urban trailers. For example Argos are evaluating a new 13.6 metre trailer operating where a 12.6 metre urban trailer is normally used, and even a number of places where 10.5 metre urban trailers are used. The advantages are less trucks delivering in urban cities, creating less noise; and logistic companies gain an advantage with greater utilisation and increased load volume.

IMS Limited Trans Tech House Gelders Hall Road Shepshed LE12 9NH T : 01509 600185 www.imslimited.com Arran Leatherland arran.leatherland@imslimited.com

Jimmy Beam Down Lights

Jimmy Beam Down LightsJimmy Beam Down Lights (JBDL) offers a global pioneering innovation in vehicle and trailer down lighting with adjustable angles of light on the vertical axis, allowing the light footprint to be adjusted, to suit the height of fitment.

Being able to SEE plus BE SEEN, when driving in the dark or in poorly lit conditions is imperative, while ensuring the safety of all other road users. Even more so if vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians are in close-proximity to the vehicle.

The JBDL also offers an increased visible presence of the subject vehicle to other road users when driving in poor visibility or when in thick fog.
Effective illumination downwards and adjacent to the sides of the vehicle, when conducting out-of-hours logistics, aids the driver to see when making deliveries, leading to a reduction in incidents, accidents, damage, fuel consumption emissions and noise issues (e.g. if making several attempts to manoeuvre due to poor visibility).

Visit: www.jbdl.co.uk Email: admin@jbdl.co.uk Phone: +44 01788 842767

K Hartwall

K HartwallK Hartwall is a leading supplier of returnable goods carriers. We strive to develop new solutions that enable our customers to improve the efficiency of their supply chains. We do this by promoting the use of innovative, convenient and attractive Returnable Goods Carriers that add value through minimising total logistics cost, environmental impact and Health & Safety risks in the supply chain as well as increasing our Customers’ revenues.

K Hartwall PIEK certified low noise roll cages and dollies are designed to reduce noise in use and allow our customer to maximise working hours and reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.



MichelinMichelin is a major supplier of tyres to the road transport industry, with its full range including tread patterns designed specifically for urban applications.

Michelin builds tyres to deliver what it calls ‘total performance’ – ensuring products deliver in all areas where it counts, including safety, fuel efficiency, longevity, durability, low noise and whole life cost.

The company’s new X Multi D range of high-grip 17.5” drive axle tyres were launched in October 2013 and are safer, more fuel-efficient, quieter and last longer than the XDE2 tyres they replace. They offer 18 per cent more tyre life and 12 per cent lower rolling resistance than their predecessor, with full-depth sipes ensuring excellent handling from the first to the last kilometre, and new tyre architecture delivering a notable -5dB reduction in noise.

One of the most notable achievements was making these tyres 50 per cent quieter than the previous generation. This directly benefits vehicles used extensively in urban environments.
To find out more about our quiet urban tyres click here, or go to www.trucks.michelin.co.uk. You can also follow us on Twitter @MichelinTruckUK.



MoffettThe new generation of Moffett electric truck-mounted forklifts is revolutionising the load handling industry. In response to a growing requirement for quieter, less polluting machines the Moffett E2 and E4 heralded a new era of clean, green, electric truck-mounted forklifts. Designed primarily for the loading and unloading of vehicles at night in built up areas, the Moffett E-Series of TMFLs use advanced electronic technology to achieve a noise level below 60dba. Near silent operation, no harmful emissions, reduced running costs and fast recharging using an on-board charger.

Hiab is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for us. Around 2,700 professionals at Hiab work to provide high-performance products and services that meet customer needs globally. Our product range includes Hiab loader cranes, Jonsered recycling and forestry cranes, Loglift forestry cranes, Moffett truck-mounted forklifts and Multilift demountables, as well as Del, Waltco and Zepro tail lifts. www.hiab.com


PaneltexPaneltex Zeroed Electric Vehicles Offer a range of 100% electric HGV’s from 5.5t GVW to 11t GVW.

With ranges up to 120 miles it is the ideal urban distribution vehicle that is totally silent.

With almost any type of bodywork being able to be fitted to the vehicle Paneltex Zeroed Electric vehicles can be used for dry freight, food distribution and also municipal applications.

With customers like Whitbread, Kuehne and Nagel, Ocado and Warburton’s already successfully using Paneltex Zeroed it is a product that delivers silently with no CO². With Rapid Charging available the vehicle can be double shifted to allow maximum utilization.

Paneltex Zeroed Electric Vehicles is part of the Paneltex Group of Companies.

Contact sales@paneltex.co.uk 01482 787236


TransdekTransdek is a leading advocate of high-cube transport solutions and provides a range of products to facilitate the integration of double deck trailers.

The company has developed a range of products specifically to support quieter city centre freight deliveries, including insulated dock pods to facilitate the offloading of single and double deck vehicles at stores and, most recently, the Double Deck Urban Eco Trailer (DUET).

The overall aim of the DUET is to offer a high-volume alternative to conventional urban distribution vehicles, reducing noise and air pollution, congestion, and transport costs. The DUET offers 100% more load volume compared to a typical 18-tonne rigid, effectively halving the number of delivery vehicles on the road.

In addition, Transdek has worked with a number of key retailers to develop and install noise-reduction loading pods at urban stores. By docking trailers against these sealed loadhouses, built with specialist sound-deadening technology, the noise of unloading during deliveries has been significantly reduced.

The brand-new DUET, due for release at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015, will offer specific noise reduction technology options, including PIEK-certified floor surfacing, tail-lift platform, kick strips and reversing warnings.

Contact katie.lovell@transdek.com or call 01302 752276

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