Schmitz launches trailer floor suitable for out-of-hours deliveries

Schmitz Cargobull has launched a quiet, multi-function floor suitable for late-night deliveries in residential areas.

The manufacturer said its MF6 Multi-Function Floor exceeds PIEK noise requirement standards, with a noise level of less than 60db during loading and unloading.

It also reduces trailer weight – therefore increasing payload – as well as providing better grip and a longer life expectancy.

Manufactured from full-length extruded aluminium planks, the MF6 can be more effectively heat-treated to give it a harder, more durable finish that is also 5% lighter than traditional aluminium flooring.

The floor also incorporates longitudinal grooves with cross-wise knurling, which has been TÜV-certified to provide the optimum friction co-efficient for securing palletised goods and roll cages. Six load-securing profiles formed into the floor make it easy to fit vertical locking bars, said Schmitz, and provide increased security with flush-mounted locking profiles for the bars in the floor and roof.

Additionally, the floor profile is structured so that when water jets are used for rinse-down, the waste water is guided to the rear of the trailer via the longitudinal grooving, rather than splashing up onto the internal walls. It is therefore possible to deep clean the entire floor area in less than 10 minutes and also reduce water puddle formation on the floor surface, which the manufacturer said is common in conventional trailer flooring.

Paul Avery, MD, Schmitz Cargobull UK, said: “Flooring is often overlooked when it comes to trailer innovation, but we are delighted to offer something that provides the same level of innovation you’d expect to find on any other component of a Schmitz Cargobull trailer. In simple terms, the floor makes a trailer quieter, lighter, more secure, easier to clean and longer-lasting – all of which also means a higher residual value.”

The MF6 Multi-Function Floor is now incorporated as standard on all Schmitz S.KO Cool refrigerated trailers (pictured).