FREVUE wants to work with large electric HGV manufacturers for urban delivery project

A European project exploring the viability of electric vehicles for urban freight deliveries is calling on the manufacturers of electric HGVs of 7.5-tonnes and over to take part in the scheme.

The Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (FREVUE) project wants to make sure its research is representative of a wide range of vehicles used for city logistics, from car-derived vans through to 18-tonne goods trucks.

It currently has 55 electric freight vehicles procured and operational across the partnership, 17 of which are in London. These vehicles provide valuable data ranging from procurement and maintenance costs to kilometres driven per day and battery status at the end of each shift.

However, the project team said larger electric freight vehicles over 7.5 tonnes involved in the project are under-represented, with few available on the market and those that are set with a “hefty price tag”.

To develop a better understanding of the reasons for this lack in vehicle choice at the heavier end of the market and to address these issues, FREVUE would like to co-operate more closely with a European manufacturer of electric HGVs.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the project, please contact the FREVUE co- ordinator, Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer, on

Project partner Heineken is successfully operating larger electric HGVs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a plan to expand their numbers on its urban beer delivery routes.