Gasrec sources LNG from National Grid’s new Kent terminal

Gasrec is now using LNG supplied from National Grid’s new Isle of Grain terminal in Kent.

The facility went live on 11 November and the LNG supplier, which claims to fuel 60% of natural gas vehicles running in the UK, described it as a “critical” step in ensuring reliable and consistent availability of gas.

Rob Wood, Gasrec CEO, said: “We now have the largest LNG import terminal thanks to National Grid investing in such a strategically important piece of infrastructure.

“We have the largest LNG refuelling station at Dirft near Northampton and we already have more HGVs running on LNG than anywhere in Europe – perfect foundations for increased widescale use.”

In March, Argos put the first of five gas-powered Scania tractor units on the road as one of a number of retailers and operators exploring the use of the technology.