Improved cycle-safety mirrors to be mandated on new HGVs from July 2016

cycling in London

Improved mirrors that eliminate blind spots will become mandatory on newly registered HGVs from July of next year, after the European Commission voted in favour of the measure.

The adoption of the improved mirrors yesterday (16 December), championed by the UK government, will be mandatory for all newly registered vehicles across the UK from July 2016.

The new safety standard has been developed by the DfT, and understands that rather than a specific class of mirror, the requirement will be for a larger viewing area.

This will, in theory, be achievable through use of a combination of existing mirror technology as long as the larger area of view is achieved.

The DfT said the measure would boost cycle safety and added that last year 115 pedal cyclists were killed or seriously injured on British roads in accidents involving at least one HGV.

Andrew Jones, freight and logistics minister, said: “Safer lorries mean safer cyclists. I am delighted the UK government has got the outcome it wanted.

“As well as leading EU efforts to improve cycle safety, the government is investing in the UK, providing safer junctions on road networks, traffic-free cycle links and cycle training in schools.”

In London pressure for an HGV rush-hour ban has been growing.