Martin Brower picks Daf CF Silents for out-of-hours deliveries

Operator Martin Brower has ordered five Daf CF ‘Silent’ rigids to enable out-of-hours urban deliveries for burger chain giant McDonald’s.

The new trucks will be powered by biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil (UCO), which Martin Brower and McDonald’s have been using since 2007 to reduce carbon emissions.

“We are always looking at ways of reducing our environmental impact,” said Tony Winterbottom, general manager operational support at Martin Brower, “and have already completed significant work on reducing both noise and engine emissions”.

He said the Daf CF Silent Mode was chosen as part of the operator’s environmental protection strategy and will now be included on specification for all future truck acquisitions.

Silent Mode is an engine software function that reduces noise levels to less than 72 dB(A) and complies with PIEK-certification requirements on vehicle noise limits to enable quiet out-of-hours deliveries.

Daf was also picked due to its capability on running on biodiesel, the operator said, which runs all of its McDonald’s distribution trucks on UCO.

“Clean engine technology is fundamental to our environmental strategy,” explained Winterbottom. “Our significant reduction in our Co2 emissions is a result of the collaboration between McDonald’s and Martin Brower over several years.”

The five rear-steers will join an all-Daf fleet based at the company’s Hemel Hempstead and Dublin locations, including 117 tractors and 40 rigids, plus 153 trailers.

Four of the new trucks are already in operation out of Hemel Hemstead, with the fifth being prepared for this week’s Clocs progress event at London’s ExCeL on 23 March.