Clocs sees surge in interest as it works to extend scope

Clocs has had a surge of interest in the last eight months that has seen it add 30% more champions, according to Derek Rees, SECBE, chief executive and project director of Clocs.

The Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) standard launched in February 2013 now has more than 5,000 sites in its scope and more than 350 companies [champions] signed up – including clients, construction firms and hauliers.

Rees is heading a new Clocs Secretariat and Administration appointed by the standards major stakeholder TfL.

As well as SECBE, consists of the Construction Clients Leadership Group, procurement group LHC, Build UK and the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Speaking at last week’s Freight in the City Expo, Rees told delegates that “the vision for Clocs is that it will be everywhere. Some have seen it as being London-centric but it’s now going absolutely everywhere in the North East, the midlands and starting in the South West”.

On the topic of businesses saying they will do Clocs when it comes to them, Rees said: “I would challenge you to go out proactively, get the commercial advantage of saying we are already committed to a higher standard and we want you to do the same.”

Rees added that Clocs was about saving lives, money and businesses’ reputations.

“It’s about holding others to account in a positive and constructive way. Everyone you work with does absolutely all they can to eliminate WRRR,” he said.