New hydraulic refrigeration units promise cleaner, quieter city deliveries

A Swedish range of hydraulically driven refrigeration units for trucks are now on sale in the UK.

The new Hulsteins units are claimed to drive down emissions, noise and operational costs for urban deliveries. (Pictured main image at Freight in the City Expo 2016 fitted to a new Volvo FE CNG)

They run via a hydraulic pump directly from the truck engine and claim to provide constant, even, cooling power regardless of whether the truck is on tick-over or full revs.

Units have the same output power as traditional diesel alternatives, yet are more environmentally friendly and economical to run, according to the Swedish manufacturer.

The company said the hydraulic units can reduce C02 by more than 98%, reduce fuel by 62%, service costs by 50% and are PIEK approved for quiet city deliveries.

Their flat-fronted design, mounted externally on the frontwall between the driver’s cab and truck body, is also said to help with height restrictions and improve aerodynamic options.

“The best thing is they do not cost the earth and have a better ROI than a diesel units over five years,” added Simon Wood, UK sales and operations manager at Hulsteins.

“We have been very successful in Sweden and across Europe, but we are new to the UK. I have spent the last few months on the road talking with end users, body builders and truck manufacturers trying to raise the awareness and try and get some of our units in operation,” he added.

hulsteins---scaniaThe company is offering packages to end users on new builds that will be fitted free of charge for a six-month trial. After that period, if the operator is happy, they will pay for the unit and keep it.

Wood said he is currently in talks with some large UK supermarkets and operators over the trials, and is keen to hear from other UK operators interested in running the hydraulic units.

Hulsteins has also been working with truck OEMs on projects in Sweden (pictured on a Scania hybrid, left) aiming to achieve significant reductions in fuel usage, emissions and CO2, as well as to enable more out-of-hours deliveries through quieter equipment.

The hydraulic refrigeration units have been manufactured and operated across Sweden for more than 40 years.