Volvo Trucks to exhibit Direct Vision-friendly FMs at Freight in the City Expo

Volvo Trucks will focus on London’s Direct Vision Standard at the Freight in the City Expo, displaying its construction FM range in light of TfL’s interim announcement on the standard’s rating scheme.

The transport body began its second consultation on the scheme last month, along with the release of its permit proposal for its star rating system.

With TfL’s permit system based on floor height and level of vision, Volvo will have an N3 FM with a factory-fitted lower door window, narrow mirrors and camera with integrated dashboard screen.

Its stand at the Expo will also host an FM tipper grab with a medium-height chassis.

Volvo said it is displaying the trucks to engage with operators over the Direct Vision Standard, and to give them the chance to explore options other than its N3G extra-high trucks.

Volvo Trucks head of product management John Comer said while the manufacturer supports the standard, it addresses just one aspect of safe driving in urban environments.

He said: “In the city, relative speeds and traffic flow change by the second. This, to some degree, has been acknowledged in the proposed permit scheme.

“At this stage the direct vision star ratings are interim and we are now entering the second phase of the consultation process, he says.

“By exhibiting these vehicles, Volvo wants to invite operator reaction on vision and how these lower chassis will perform in service, in order to formulate views and information so that all can take part in the second consultation.”

Volvo Trucks will also display its cyclist and pedestrian training materials from its ‘See and be Seen’ scheme, which recently extended from targeting the eight plus age group to participants in secondary and adult education.

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