Nick Blake

Nick Blake

Nick Blake

Head of Engineering, Mercedes-​Benz UK

Nick has been working for Mercedes-Benz since 1986 and now leads the Engineering Department. With an eye for innovation and a healthy interest in the environment he has steered the direction, development and introduction of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles into the UK since 2003.

With responsibility for pre and post Engineering of Trucks for the UK market he works closely with his team of specialists to try to identify future trends and ensure that the products being developed by Daimler AG meet the requirements of the UK market and keep them in service when they hit the road, he reaps what he sows. He has been involved with introduction of the Euro VI range of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, promoted the safety benefits that High Visibility vehicles bring to vulnerable road users and delivered transport solutions specifically for the UK market that help reduce operating costs and Carbon emissions.

As Chairman of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technical Committee of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Nick is helping to ensure that future legislative developments from the European Union do not impact adversely on the UK Haulage industry.”

Nick’s sessions

Truck safety advancement

This session will explore steps being taken by manufacturers and operators to make commercial vehicles safer and the need for well-designed city streets to prevent conflict between different modes of transport…

Stream: ‘Safe’
Time: 10:30-11:15