Paul Davision

Paul Davision

Paul Davision

principal consultant for sustainable freight and logistics, Aecom

Paul Davison is a Principal Consultant at AECOM with over ten years experience in Transport Planning and has acted as Project Manager for a large number of freight-related projects.

Paul currently manages the North East Freight Partnership on behalf of the North East Combined Authority, which aims to create a safe, efficient and effective freight environment in the region. This requires collaboration between a variety of stakeholders in the freight and logistics sector and the creation of a programme of activities that engages and delivers tangible results.

Paul’s sessions

Alternative thinking

This session will examine the different types of alternative fuels on the market today and which type of operations they are best suited to, as well as exploring available funding sources to tap into for up-front investment…

Stream: ‘Clean’
Time: 11:30-12:15