Seminar programme

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Session 1


London eye 09.15-09.20 Air quality aims
09.20-10.00: LoCITY progress
10.00-10.10: Go West
10.10-10.20: A capital challenge
10.20-10.30: Q&A
Session 2


Beyond the M25 1100-1110: Nottingham: a Go Ultra Low city
11.10-11.20: Scottish first
11.20-11.30: Electric avenues
11.30-11.40: Spotlight on the West Midlands
11.40-11.50: Q&A
11.50-12.00: Innovation Zone
12.30-12.45 FTA Driver of the Year presentation The overall winner of the FTA driving competition, which took place in July at Mercedes-Benz Wentworth Park, will be crowned champion live on stage
Session 3


Urban compliance 13.00-13.10: Staying legal
13.10-13.25: One vision
13.25-13.35: Driving demand of national CLOCS standard
13.35-13.45: Business case for change
13.45-13.55: Q&A
13.55-14.00: Innovation Zone
Session 4


Retiming and quiet deliveries 14.30-14.40: Driving change together
14.40-14.50: Customer acceptance
14.50-15.00: Night-time deliveries
15.00-15.10: Sharing the load
15.10-15.15: Q&A
Session 5


The final debate 15.15-15.45: Final Debate

Please note: the following are proposed seminar sessions and the organiser reserves the right to amend any of the content at their discretion.

Freight in the City Expo 2016 Seminar Programme

(Please note that this schedule will be updated regularly as more speakers are added)


8.30: Registrations open


Deputy Mayor of London for Transport Val Shawcross will officially open this year’s Freight in the City Expo with a keynote speech about how freight fits in with London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ambitious plans for improved air quality, less congestion and safer roads in the capital.

Session 1 – London Eye

9.15-9.20: Air quality aims
TfL will update on initiatives to clean up poor air quality in London including the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and proposed Emissions Surcharge. This will cover an overview of the consultation on the Emissions Surcharge and possible changes to the current ULEZ, and what fleets need to put in place to be ULEZ ready.

Speaker: Lucinda Turner, acting director of TfL borough planning

9.20-10.00: LoCITY progress

TfL will introduce LoCITY which is a five-year initiative to boost operator uptake of low-emission CVs in the capital ahead of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Confirmed speaker: Hannah White, programme manager Freight and Fleet, TfL

LoCITY champion TEVVA explains the reason it is part of LoCITY and what support it has received so far from the programme.

Confirmed speaker: Richard Lidstone-Scott, chief programme engineer, Tevva Motors

Chair of the LoCITY vans working group will provide an overview of the different working groups and will present the latest case study video.

Confirmed speaker: Carl Lomas, chairman, Institute of Couriers

10.00-10.10: Go West

The West End Partnership is investing almost £500m over the next 15 years to improve the area, encourage growth and ensure that it continues to be a modern world-class destination. A dedicated freight programme will develop a strategy involving reduction, re-timing and consolidation of goods movements, in addition to increasing uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles.

Confirmed speaker:Steven Medway, MD Trading Environment, New West End Company

10.10-10.20: A capital challenge

The pending early roll-out of an Ultra Low-Emission Zone is just one of the many challenges facing freight operators working across the capital. The FTA examines the key issues operators must overcome to stay compliant and profitable delivering into London.

Confirmed speaker: Natalie Chapman, head of policy for London, South-East and East of England, Freight Transport Association

10.20-10.30: Q&A
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Session 2 – Beyond the M25

11.00-11.10: Nottingham: a Go Ultra Low city

The Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership will show how a package of congestion-busting measures has helped the region facilitate the movement of goods through its densely populated area. These include a Clear Zone and Workplace charging to reduce peaks on the road network, infrastructure improvements and interventions by local authorities to tackle congested corridors. The city now has ambitious plans to improve air quality through schemes such as a freight consolidation centre and boosting uptake of cleaner goods vehicles through its Go Ultra Low programme.

Confirmed Speaker: Gary Smerdon-White, chairman, Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership

11.10-11.20: Scottish first

Fife Council has been trialling the world’s first hydrogen-powered refuse lorries. We find out how they have been performing in daily operations and if there is potential for different heavy duty applications from the firm behind the technology.

Confirmed speakers: Amanda Lyne, MD, ULEMCo and Barbara Whiting, lead office – renewables, Fife Council

11.20-11.30: Electric avenues

The Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (FREVUE) project has been working with cities across Europe to conduct tests of battery-powered and range-extended CVs in normal urban delivery patterns. What lessons have been learned so far, and how have individual businesses fared in the trials?

Confirmed speaker: Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer, FREVUE co-ordinator, Cross River Partnership

11.30-11.40: Spotlight on the West Midlands

Newly formed Transport for West Midlands will explain how its revamped freight strategy aims to facilitate the movement of goods across one of the busiest road networks in the UK, including advanced traffic management systems being successfully trialled in congested urban areas as a UK first.

Confirmed speaker: Gordon Telling, freight advisor, Transport for West Midlands

11.40-11.50: Q&A

11.50-12.00: Innovation zone

Some quick fire product presentations from firms specialising in the latest low-emission technology.

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12.30pm-12.45pm – FTA Driver of the Year presentation

In July FTA put drivers to the test through a number of driving and knowledge tasks at Mercedes-Benz Wentworth Park. Matthew Pickering from Samworth Brothers Supply Chain won the 44-tonne category; David West from Total Food Services won the 18-tonne category; and Matthew Young from AAH Pharmaceuticals won the Van Excellence competition.
Who will be crowned the overall 2016 FTA Driver of the Year? Join us for the presentation live on stage and learn what the drivers had to do during the different stages of the competition.
Presenter: David Wells, chief executive, FTA

Session 3 – Urban compliance

13.00-13.10: Legal expert

Transport law specialists Backhouse Jones takes a look at the most common compliance mistakes operators make when operating in a city environment.

Confirmed speaker: Jonathan Backhouse, director, Backhouse Jones Solicitors

13.10-13.25: One vision

We hear about the latest research to better understand the role of eye contact and direct vision (through windows) over indirect vision (through mirrors and VDUs) in improving road safety and reducing HGV collisions with vulnerable road users. This session will also bring you up to date with TfL’s Safer Trucks programme.

Confirmed speakers: Hannah White, programme manager Freight and Fleet, TfL; Dr Richard Wilkie, associate professor and Dr Callum Mole, research fellow, both from the University of Leeds

13.25-13.35: Driving demand and use of national CLOCS standard

SECBE will explain its vision to continue driving up adoption of national standards of road haulage servicing construction sites across the UK, and of the sites themselves to provide safe and effective places to deliver and collect materials and equipment from.

Confirmed speaker: Derek Rees, SECBE chief executive and project director of CLOCS

13.35-13.45: Business case for change

With the advent of new technology emerging to market, how much appetite is there from road transport operators to make a wide-scale switch away from the latest generation diesel engines, and are clearer policy frameworks and financial incentives needed from government?

Confirmed speaker: Jack Semple, director of policy, Road Haulage Association

13.45-13.55: Q&A

13.55-14.00: Innovation zone

Some quick fire product presentations from firms specialising in the latest safety equipment.

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Session 4 –  Retiming and quiet deliveries

14.30-14.40: Driving change together

The way people are buying and moving goods is changing dramatically, leading to a significant increase in the number of vehicles on London’s roads, with the numbers predicted to continue to rise.

Come and find out more about TfL’s collaborative approach to encourage freight operators and their customers to replan when their deliveries take place, using direct engagement, smarter procurement and quieter practices to match delivery times to when there is more capacity on the road network.

Confirmed speaker: Rob Belton, director HSEQ, Ashfords

14.40-14.50: Customer acceptance

Since its out-of-hours deliveries during the London 2012 Games, DHL Supply Chain has continued to work with its retail customers to help them explore the potential of retiming and the benefits of its quiet concept vehicle.

Confirmed speaker: Phil Roe, MD, Transport, DHL UK & Ireland

14.50-15.00: Night-time deliveries

Supply chain operator Geodis UK is targeting Scotland’s fashion retail market with the launch of an out-of-hours delivery service, following a successful roll out of the service in France. How popular is this proving with its retail customers and have there been any local authority challenges to address?

Confirmed speaker: Kevin Huskie, sales director, Geodis UK

15.00-15.10: Sharing the load

Route Monkey will share its expertise in exploring how better fleet optimisation and load sharing between operators can significantly drive down road miles and emissions.

Confirmed speaker: Kate Armitage, projects and strategy director, Route Monkey

15.10-15.15: Q&A
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15.15-15.45: Final debate

An expert line-up of panelists will draw together today’s key themes and take live questions from the audience.

Chaired by Tim Ward, freight and fleet communications and engagement manager, TfL
Panelists: Andrew Lowery, city logistics and public affairs manager, TNT; Jacqueline O’Donovan, MD, O’Donovan Waste Disposal; Chris Douglas, head of freight & fleets, Transport Research Laboratory; Siwan Puw, policy manager, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Lionel Curtis, technical director, The Cartwright Group; TBC

Please note: the organiser reserves the right to amend any of the sessions at their discretion.